Summer Training Information


Summer Training is a unique and amazing experience for your cadet to learn new skills, practice newly acquired skills, meet other cadets from across BC, Alberta and Northern Canada and to make life long friends. 

Summer Training is an optional program that cadets are required to apply for. Cadets are selected to attend summer training based on their attendance, behavior, and other attributes demonstrated throughout the cadet training year. All expenses for accommodation, clothing, meals, and transportation are paid for by the Department of Defence.  

While on their course cadets live in barracks with separate quarters for males and females.  Each camp has a fully staffed kitchen and hospital with nurses, doctors, medics, and pharmacy technicians.  The camp hospital deals with everything from sprains to colds. The safety of your cadet is the first priority of staff.

The training run two(2) weeks, three(3) weeks and six(6) weeks in duration for which your cadet will receive a training bonus of $60/week. Some of the more senior courses require having attended previous courses. It is highly recommended to attend from the start of your cadet career. 


Many different courses are available to cadets.  Selecting the right course for each cadet depends on the following:

Course Levels:

Level Duration          Ages    Specialty?

General Training 2 weeks 12-13              no 

Basic Training 3 weeks 13-14              yes

Instructor Level Training  6 weeks 14-16              yes

Advanced Training 6 weeks 15+                 yes

Senior Level 6 weeks 16+                 yes

Staff Cadet 6 weeks 16+                 yes

 Course Specialties:


There are 23 Cadet Training Centres (CSTCs) located in various provinces and territories across Canada.  Depending on the course your cadet may be offered a spot in any of the following locations (please note - not a comprehensive list):


Transportation by bus or plane is arranged for each cadet.  You may also choose to drop off or pick up your cadet personally.  For security reasons, this should be arranged in advance.

**For summer camps the cadets Star level will determine their placement**
Green and Red Star cadets go to General Training and Basic Training Locations
Silver Star and Gold Star Cadets go to Intermediate Training Locations
Gold Star Qualified and Master Cadets go to Advanced Training Locations

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