As an Army Cadet Corps, we are very structured to ensure cadets are supervised and informed about events in the corps.  This structure is referred to as the Chain of Command.


The corps (~45 cadets) is divided into two Troops (~20 cadets).  Each Troop has a senior cadet who is responsible for the Troop.  Each Troop is further divided into Detachments.  Each Detachment (~10 cadets) has a Detachment Commander who is responsible for calling the cadets each week and keeping the cadets informed about upcoming events.


For our younger cadets, questions or concerns should be brought to their Detachment Commander.  Please make sure your cadet knows who their Detachment Commander is and that they know how to contact them!


We use Google Calendar and Phone outs this is also available on this website.  Please check the Training Calendar often as it can change. Go to ‘Home’ > ‘Events & Activities’.

Weekly Phone-Outs

Your cadet will receive a weekly telephone call, usually on Saturday or Sunday night from a senior cadet. This call will inform your cadet of upcoming events over the next week, the uniform they are to wear and be able to answer questions. Important to note: As the program does work to instil a sense of responsibility, if the cadet does not receive a call or is not contacted by Thursday night, the cadet should contact their senior cadet to get the information. 


For every weekend event, we will hand out an Activity Notice.  This will include instructions on where to drop off or pick up your cadet.  It also outlines what to wear, what to bring, and how to contact us in an emergency.  

Activity Notice Forms can be found here



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